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Interview Skills

Below is a brief outline of the comprehensive and robust workshop package which gives job seekers a deeper understanding of the job market and interview process, CV writing, interview skills, and other assessments they might come across.

  • Writing CVs – A CV is your calling card, get it right. Coaching on format and content.
  • Applying for a Job – Job Descriptions, Skills and Qualities, answering application questions. Applications and covering letters.
  • Preparing for an interview – Do your homework. Shadowing. Describing skills and qualities and the difference between the two. Preparing questions based on the JD.
  • Appearance and behaviours – Appearance- what to wear, hair, make up. Behaviours. Attitude. Habits. Building Rapport. Halo/Horns effect.
  • Questions and Answers – How to appropriately and succinctly answer questions without waffling! Various professional models used. [The S.T.A.R or W.H.O techniques.]
  • Myth busting – Most people get nervous in an interview so myth busting is important in a session such as this. Discussing the interviewer and talking about their responsibilities.
  • Write up sheets – What interviewers are looking for in a candidate and how interviewees are assessed.
  • Interview Practice – A few practice sessions [role play] on what a real interview looks like. Discussing and learning from the scenarios played out.
  • Duration of Workshop – 5 Hours

Each workshop can be tailored to specific needs. Workshops can be broken down into sections – for example, you could have a whole 5 hours on just CV writing and another 4 hour session on Interviews. Or you could have 5 X 1 Hour sessions to cover any of the above areas. These workshops are designed to be delivered to as many as 40 students per session.

Currently Working With

  • Sevenhill GroupConsultant and Coach - supporting leaders to inspire, develop and equip their teams to deliver greater business results.
  • Education Sector - Working with Schools, Colleges and Universities delivering our employability programmes
  • Growth Accelerator – Business coach working with Micro businesses and SME’s, building a successful growth strategy and unlocking their capacity for innovation.
  • Book My Trainer – On the Advisory Board supporting the strategy and growth for the world’s first online training portal.
  • Let’s Do Business – Business Mentor for this not-for-profit organisation supporting job seekers to start their own businesses.